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Creating positive and sustainable change

Delivering positive and sustainable economic, environmental and social impact

In 2010, Aleron was established to bring a new approach to creating positive and sustainable change around the world. After over a decade of working in social impact and sustainability, we have seen the incredible benefits carefully targeted action can have on society and the environment and how to make sustainable change happen at scale.

We actively partner with our clients to co-create strategies and capabilities that deliver positive and sustainable economic, environmental, and social impact. Through our work we have enabled critical advances in medical research, build resilience in local vulnerable communities, accelerate investments towards alternative ways to generate electricity or guide organisations to achieve net zero emissions.

Collaboration is key to tackling complex social and environmental challenges. At Aleron, we believe public, private and non-profit actors have to work together to be effective forces for good.. We work across sectors, bringing public bodies, corporates, nonprofits, social enterprises, foundations and investors together to address and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Aleron - Social Impact

Examples of our social impact work

We help our clients analyse ecosystems, develop impact strategies, transform their operating model and communicate about their impact. We also bring investors and startups together to drive social innovation and apply it at scale. Our clients and partners can rely on our extensive expertise in the sector and our capabilities in strategy, organisational transformation, data analytics and corporate finance. Below are some examples of our social impact work.

Goal 3 – Good Health & Wellbeing – We have worked with the Institute for Cancer Research to develop the operating model and capabilities required to realise their ambitious research strategy

Goal 4 – Quality Education – We are working with the University of London to transform their online education provision through the redesign of its operating model including the embedding of new capabilities in business development, course design and student services.

Goal 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy – We have assisted a startup that invented a solution to convert air into electricity to develop their strategy and raise the investment required to build a large scale prototype.

Goal 10 – Reduced Inequalities – We have supported the launch of Fair4All Finance which has been founded to help the financial wellbeing of people in vulnerable circumstances. In particular, we co-designed with the team and sector professionals their strategy to improve access to affordable credit.

Goal 13 – Climate Action – We are working with Jisc – a provider of network and IT services and digital resources to universities, colleges and research institutions to implement their CSR strategy including their journey to net zero.

Our work with NGOs and nonprofits

Since our inception, we have been supporting the nonprofit sector. We help NGOs, nonprofits and charities to develop strategies and build their capabilities to deliver the greatest impact across a wide range of cause areas. We work with foundations and philanthropists to analyse complex social and environmental issues and develop practical solutions.

Analysing issues to define impact strategies and build change-making solutions

We work with multi-disciplinary experts to analyse complex social and environmental issues, understand root causes, assess current responses and develop collective and individual solutions.



  • Mapped the food and environment ecosystem in the UK (including issues, key actors and solutions) to help one of the UK’s largest foundations to develop their impact strategy.
  • Analysed the issues faced by tenants of housing associations (e.g. employment, isolation, mental health) to identify potential areas of focus for a major trust.
  • Assisted an international foundation to develop their theory of change and realign their strategy, operating model and impact management capabilities to improve team collaboration and strategic focus.
  • Helped a philanthropist to develop the new strategy for his private foundation through an analysis of the issues affecting the voluntary sector in his local area and an assessment of the best intervention models.

Shaping organisations to deliver the maximum impact We support NGOs, nonprofits and charities to create the right organisation and operating model to achieve their mission. We benchmark their performance, identify opportunities to increase impact and efficiency, and support them in the delivery of critical change initiatives.


  • Reviewed the operations of the UK’s largest health nonprofit to develop a multi-year programme generating in excess of £140m cost savings.
  • Analysed the performance of a care service provider that employs  over 500 staff nationally and identified opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the operations by 60% by optimising rostering, changing staffing, pay  and reward models, standardising delivery models and streamlining support processes.
  • Designed a 5 year strategy and plan for a national animal rescue charity looking to expand their services through process, technology and data insight improvement.

Increasing and diversifying funding We identify funding opportunities and help develop fundraising capabilities, commercial models and partnerships. We design and implement social impact bonds and facilitate access to social investment.


  • Developed an evidence-based and compelling impact and economic case to help a children’s nonprofit to raise funding for their missing children’s services
  • Helped a nonprofit receive £2.1m funding for two years for the set-up and run of a national centre of excellence to tackle female genital mutilation.
  • Worked with the management team of a medical research organisation to develop the fundraising strategy of their digital tools services.

Evaluating and communicating impact We design and implement tools for assessing impact and help organisations and charities to communicate their impact story and engage with internal and external stakeholders.


  • Articulated the impact delivered by a national advice charity using a theory of change, detailed logic models by projects; and developed the framework and tools to ensure ongoing measurement and analysis.
  • Contributed to the publication of the impact report of a major nonprofit by validating the impact data and supporting the development of case studies.
  • Designed, developed and published the impact report of a mid-sized education nonprofit.
  • Design and implemented an  impact framework for a programme supporting innovation in cities funded by  a major US foundation.
  • Evaluated two grant funding schemes set up by a leading social tech funder, reviewing over 50 organisations through quantitative and qualitative analysis. The evaluation was published, presented to key stakeholders and provided insight into changes to be made to improve the impact of future funding.
  • Assessed over 10 grant, fellowship and leadership programmes for a leading biomedical and health research funder

Sustainable and impact investing We work both with impact inventors and organisations seeking investment, whether nonprofits or social enterprises. We help define impact investing strategies, perform social impact due diligence or design social impact bonds.


  • Evaluated a range of impact investing models for the foundation of a leading housing association to complement their grant-making activities
  • Worked with an international trust to help them identify which social and infrastructure investments could increase the sustainability of their grantees.
  • Assessed the feasibility of and design a social impact bond for a major health and social care nonprofits

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