Sustainability and social impact for all industries

Diverse industries unified in their desire to deliver positive and sustainable change

Aleron was established to bring a new approach to creating positive and sustainable change around the world. No matter the industry, Aleron helps to improve social impact and sustainability.

We understand how difficult it can be to make sustainable change happen at scale; realising it requires rigour and energy. After many years of working in this space, we have seen the effect that carefully targeted action can have on society and the environment, whether it is leading the way with new cancer researchers or reducing carbon emissions.

Our work across industries gives us a real breadth of experience and helps us share learnings, perspectives and best practice. But while we stretch across sectors, we offer unique and specialised insight required to define and deliver each client’s social and environmental agenda.

For each industry and project, we put together a team of experts best placed to unlock client opportunities and drive positive sustainable change.

Below are some examples of industries with which we work:


Effective and accessible education, training and mentorship are key to improving employability, mobility and professional development. This is a fast-growing but ever-changing environment, with shifting requirements and new technologies. We work with a range of educational institutions and training providers (e.g. universities, colleges, tutoring firms, training providers, and research institutes). We help in various ways from increasing learning outcomes and the efficiency and impact of the services they deliver, to cultural change and inclusion. We also work on improving the environmental sustainability of the education sector, including online education, digital solutions, and smart campuses.


As the energy sector is transitioning to a more sustainable model, we work with innovative startups to develop strategies and raise the capital required to bring their technology to market.

We also help utilities and power-generation companies design strategies to respond to changing contexts, and grow and transform their operating models responsibly and sustainably.


Finance can be a force for good if deployed properly. We work on a wide range of social impact topics including financial inclusion, financial education, affordable credit and insurance, and sustainable and impact investing.

We also help financial institutions embed an ESG agenda to drive fundamental change and deliver on evolving customer demands.

Foundations and Philanthropists

We partner with foundations and philanthropists to foster innovation across sectors, and accelerate positive social and sustainable outcomes. We develop strategies for social change and impact investment, evaluate programme impact, and guide the development of new tools and processes for the sector at large.

We have supported change in areas ranging from medical research, healthcare access, fostering and adoption, asylum seekers and refugees, and victims of abuse, to financial inclusion, food systems, water, waste and recycling, carbon reduction, and ethical AI.

Government and Public Sector

We assist governments and public sector bodies to foster cross-sector collaboration, develop new ways of working to improve outcomes and deliver more efficiently.

From reaching net-zero targets to improving outcomes for children in care, we work with local and central public bodies to design new operating models, build up internal capabilities, integrate digital and analytics tools into their operations, and measure social and environmental outcomes.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

The pandemic has demonstrated the vital role played by healthcare systems, pharma companies, and research institutes. The sector has drastically evolved in the last few years and become outcome-driven and customer-focused and focuses on promoting prevention. But many challenges remain, from health equity to the lack of sustainability of the sector as a whole. Waste is rife in all health systems too, with the value of medicines destroyed every year estimated to be in excess of $10 billion, while 2 billion people do not have access to basic healthcare.

We work with research institutions and academies, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders to improve health outcomes and make the sector more sustainable.

Housing & Property

The housing and property sectors have been changing rapidly over the last few years and the pace has been accelerated by the global pandemic. Our team has been involved in initiatives ranging from local community regeneration and building maintenance optimisation using advanced analytics, to social impact measurement of low-cost housing in central London, and defining the impact investing strategies of a housing association.

We work with cities, property developers, housing associations, facilities management companies, architects and other organisations interested in this sector.

Law Firms & Professional Services

Professional services firms including law firms are undergoing fundamental transformation as a result of digitisation, advanced analytics and the emergence of new market entrants. Issues such as ethics, equal opportunities or work-life balance have pushed corporate and social responsibility to the top of the agenda of many professional services firms.

We advise them on a broad range of CSR topics from strategy, governance and carbon reduction to community engagement and employees engagement.

NGOs and Nonprofits

Since inception, Aleron has been working with over 100 NGOs, nonprofits and charities internationally. Beyond supporting our clients to develop their Theory of Change and strategy, we assist them across their functional areas from organisational, sustainability, to income generation strategies. We help organisations make informed decisions to drive their mission and ambitions by providing targeted operational insights, assessments, diagnostics and redesigns.

Our work spans focus areas from operational and organisational health and culture, systems, processes and leadership effectiveness to programme and service evaluation or design, and impact and sustainability reporting.

Private Equity & Investment

The rapid growth of private capital and the growth of ESG investing bring unprecedented opportunities to unlock value while making a positive difference in the world. We work with private equity, ESG and impact investors across the deal life cycle, ranging from ESG/impact strategies, impact and sustainability diligence to ESG risk analysis and reporting.

We also help portfolio companies to maximise their impact and the efficiency of their operations.


Social Care, Support & Wellbeing

The care and support environment for adults and children is complex. Whether it is supporting an ageing population or a child in need of a home and family, there is often great pressure to deliver with limited resources.

We work with all kinds of voluntary, public and private organisations – focusing on everyone from the carer to the end patient – to collaborate, expand reach, target support, streamline service delivery and maximise impact.

Technology and Innovation

We partner with technology companies and startups to solve problems and pursue new strategies as they continue to shape the future of our society and planet.

For the last ten years we have been involved in tech for good initiatives, assisting startups with their growth strategies and capital raising activities, and fostering innovation in the social and environmental sectors. Our clients range from large tech companies and their foundations to startups in AI, ed tech, med tech, social tech or fin tech.



The call for change is urgent. Together, we help organisations answer this call, drive innovation and preserve our environment. This support could range from identifying ESG risks and opportunities to carbon footprinting, carbon reduction plans or successfully developing and delivering sustainability strategies for all types of organisations.

Aleron - Social Impact

Social Impact

Social impact is important to organisations across industries, whether internally or externally focused. We help our clients drive positive social change, leveraging their strengths and amplifying their reach. We help across a range of services from analysing ecosystems to transforming operating models, communicating impact, or scaling social innovation.

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