Changing organisations to meet a changing context 

Organisational transformation

The world is changing fast and the pandemic has accelerated the pace. We have witnessed the rapid emergence and adoption of new technologies, growing social, economic and political shifts, and an increasing recognition that immediate action is required to address climate change. If our society is changing, organisations must also change to stay relevant and unlock their full potential. Change is difficult and research shows that most efforts to fundamentally change the trajectory of an organisation fail.

For over 10 years, we have helped organisations identify their potential for transformation through a proprietary suite of diagnostics.

With this informed evidenced based view, we work with our clients to design and implement the operating models, capabilities and ways of working they need to deliver their strategy. Our transformation approach follows an agile model to ensure rapid and realistic change.

We also support the transformation by establishing a robust governance model that builds capabilities, drives action, and accelerates impact.


  • Designing an operating model to enable the delivery of a new 5 year strategy informed by an analysis of the capabilities required to deliver the strategy and a diagnostic of current model and ways of working
  • Developed and delivered a cost reduction programme to restore financial sustainability through an organisational redesign, a technology-enabled transformation of core processes and a zero-based budgeting approach on third party spend
  • Reducing carbon emissions and energy usage through a third party spend optimisation using a zero-based budgeting approach
  • Redesigning operations based on resource intensity and climate risk analysis, including changes to governance, processes, supply chains, and investment priorities
  • Driving cross sector collaborations to decarbonise sectors requiring solutions that need to be designed with multiple stakeholders across a supply chain
  • Changing culture and ways of working by engaging with staff and volunteers on why sustainability matters
  • Developing new products and services that are carbon neutral or carbon negative



  • Carbon reduction initiatives
  • Value chain transformation and product/services redesign
  • Staff training
  • Cross-sector partnerships
Aleron - Social Impact

Social Impact

  • Operating performance and efficiency review
  • Zero-based budgeting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Operating model design and implementation
  • Process and service design / re-design
  • Financial and business modelling
  • Post-merger integration planning and support
  • Programme and project management
  • Board, executive and staff training

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