1403, 2016

Leaders Series: Aidan Rave Interim UK Director of Strategy at Barnardo’s

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For our Leader Series this month, we interviewed Aidan Rave, the Interim UK Director of Strategy at Barnardo’s. Aidan joined the business sector after his experience in politics serving as Deputy Mayor of the Doncaster Council. He continued his work in consulting with a special interest in social sector work. Aidan is an expert in strategy, organisational structure, and has experience in bringing practical and impactful solutions to challenging problems.

We discussed the role of performance measurement in organisations, Barnardo’s strategic plans for the future, and organisational culture.

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1403, 2016

Performance Management in Mission Driven Organisations

March 14th, 2016|Categories: Charities, Strategy|Tags: , , |

Working with our clients, we’ve seen a full range of responses to the term ‘performance management’. At one extreme, a complete unquestioning embrace; at the other, outright distrust, with suspicion of the intrusion of yet more banal corporate theory into working life. Of course, neither reaction is really fair, for – it is suggested here – the reasoning behind ‘performance management’ is straightforward enough. It’s the conceptual structure and processes that enables organisations to not only deliver on their mission, and produce the evidence of such success, but also hone what they’re delivering as they go along: be it in […]

412, 2015

Social performance due diligence is not a simple add-on to financial due diligence

December 4th, 2015|Categories: Social & Environmental Impact|Tags: , , |

NICOLAS PONSET, chief executive and founder of social impact consultancy ALERON,  has written a blog post for Charities Times on social due diligence. He discusses the challenges of social  due diligence for social investors and the broader social value delivered through the process. To read the full blog post click here

1011, 2015

Learnings from Trustees’ Week: how integrated performance reporting can transform the trustee experience

November 10th, 2015|Categories: Social & Environmental Impact|Tags: , , , |


The sixth Trustees’ Week came to an end last week Friday. Despite a large number of successful events, the week revealed a disconcerting disparity between charities’ expectations and trustees’ actions. In particular, since the downfall of Kids Company, trustees and their statutory duty to protect their charity’s assets has been subject to public scrutiny. In a recent ThirdSector article, for example, a commentator alleges that Kids Company trustees “found it tough, or unnecessary, to challenge the charismatic founder and chief executive, Camila Batmanghelidjh.” In this context, it is hardly surprising that trustee recruitment has become increasingly challenging. Research […]