Leading strategy development 

Strategy consulting

Aleron has been advising organisations and senior leaders on strategy for over 10 years. We use a structured and question-led approach to help our clients articulate their vision and turn it into actionable strategic and operational plans. We provide insight to stimulate thinking, generate new ideas and guide our clients towards making the right strategic choices.

We assist our clients across their functional areas from organisational, sustainability to income generation strategies. We help them inform their ambition and choices by providing specific insights, assessments and diagnostics.


  • Designing and leading a market study to estimate the income potential of a range of products and services for a major park administrator
  • Evaluating the internal and external conditions that affect the organisation’s sustainability through a double materiality assessment
  • Mapping current carbon footprint to identify decarbonisation opportunities and define plans to achieve them
  • Developing carbon reduction plans to meet UK government requirements (ppn-0621)
  • Developing the organisational strategy of a leading medical research institute to realise their research ambition and improve the efficiency of their internal operations.
  • Supporting a nonprofit organisation in defining their income generation strategy to meet their impact objectives.



Aleron - Social Impact

Social Impact

  • Market and trends analysis
  • Issue ecosystem mapping and needs analysis
  • Theory of change and logic models
  • Organisational strategies
  • Income generation strategies
  • CSR/ESG/impact strategy

Select case studies

Growth Strategy

Looking to be able to deliver its services and impact beyond their current fudning, Our Parklife needed a growth strategy that would enable the organisation to be financially sustainable in the long term. Read more...

Profitability Improvement

The company was in need of a statistical model to help them make better decisions about their strategic priorities and hedging strategy - reducing EBITDA volatility and improving the valuation of the company on exit. Read more...

Food & environment strategy

The foundation looked to refine the focus of their strategy and prioritise attention towards areas where they could have the greatest impact. Read more...

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