Carbon Reduction Plan

Including sustainability as part of your business operations 

Carbon reduction Plan

A Net Zero ambition is more than an internal organisational decision. If you are bidding on UK public contracts worth £5 million or more, procurement standards require that organisations set out their Carbon Reduction Plans, measuring their carbon footprint and stepping out their Net Zero target and journey to getting there. 

The UK government aims to assess if bidders have taken appropriate action to understand their relevant carbon footprint and environmental impact. In 2021 the UK government issued a key Public Procurement Notice (PPN 06/21) confirming that organisations will be excluded from the bidding process if they fail to comply with this legislation. 

Organisations will need to include sustainability as part of common business operations and, at least annually, submit a Carbon Reduction Plan.


The Carbon Reduction Plan should detail the organisation’s:

  • Base year
  • Current carbon footprint
  • Commitment to reducing carbon emissions to achieve Net Zero by 2050

Developing a carbon reduction Plan

The 4 key steps to developing a Carbon Reduction Plan:

  1. Measure base year carbon emissions, including applicable direct and indirect emissions for all UK operations
  2. Measure the organisation’s operations carbon footprint for the current year
  3. Set a Net Zero target by 2050, the latest, and the organisation’s progress towards that target each year
  4. Detail the organisation’s historic, current and /or intended carbon reduction projects and how these initiatives will achieve carbon reductions against the base year

Carbon reduction support

Aleron’s specialist consultants help organisations meet their new bidding requirements. Together we measure an organisation’s relevant carbon emissions (including Scopes 1, 2 and 3), across their full value-chain and inline with GHG protocol methodology, and build a Carbon Reduction Plan to a Net Zero future.

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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