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Purpose Driven Companies

We enable local, national and global companies to assess, define and deliver their environmental and social agenda.

Purpose Driven Companies

How we help

Defining corporate social agendas

We work with local, national and global organisations to define their social impact strategies and build business models that deliver long- term value for their business and for society.


  • Supported a corporate to develop their CSR strategy and align it to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Worked with a beverage company to launch a new drink for which the production and packaging are more sustainable than those of current products.
  • Helped the innovation subsidiary of a major corporate to develop their value proposition and launch a digital service to reduce paper usage and carbon emissions while improving consumer’s ability to manage their finances effectively.

Measuring and improving social impact

We help companies assess the social impact of their activities and operations, communicate about their achievements using bespoke and standard frameworks, including ESG criteria and UN SDGs.


  • Worked with a global data and software company to develop a performance framework and reporting tools to assess and monitor the impact of their programmes to inform new content and learning resources.
  • Assisted a large corporate to align their impact measurement to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Launching and growing social ventures

We develop incubation models and impact funds to support the success of impact ventures. We also help them grow by providing capacity building and hands-on support in strategy, operations and finance.


  • Developed the growth and funding strategy of a social enterprise incubated by a large multi-national as part of a urban regeneration initiative.
  • Helped a tech company to deliver a capability building programme for startups focused on social tech.


Select case studies

Growth Strategy

Looking to be able to deliver its services and impact beyond their current fudning, Our Parklife needed a growth strategy that would enable the organisation to be financially sustainable in the long term. Read more...

Profitability Improvement

The company was in need of a statistical model to help them make better decisions about their strategic priorities and hedging strategy - reducing EBITDA volatility and improving the valuation of the company on exit. Read more...

Reorganisation and new product launch

With low profitability and not enough contracts to enable investments in new digital initiatives, we needed to review performance and support the reshaping of the organisation. Read more...

Who else we work with

Diverse organisations unified in their desire to create value and deliver change

ngos & nonprofit Organisations

We help NGOs and nonprofit organisations to assess their activities, develop strategies and build the capabilities to deliver their intended impact.


Foundations & philanthropists

We work with foundations and philanthropists to analyse complex social and environmental issues and develop practical solutions. 


government & public sector

We assist governments and public sector bodies to adapt ways of working to maximise efficiency, sustainability and social outcomes