Employee life cycle review

Carers Trust East Midlands 



Carers Trust East Midlands (CTEM) is a large service provider that offers a wide range of innovative care, carer and health-related services across England and currently employs over 500 care staff. Over the past years, recruitment and retention has become a substantial challenge in the health and social sector, making the quality and continuity of care extremely challenging. CTEM were keen to understand how they were managing their employee life cycle and identify what could be done to improve the ‘employee experience’, and ultimately increase staff satisfaction and retention.

Our approach

To develop a detailed understanding of how the key stages of the employee life cycle were being managed and experienced by staff, we conducted a series of detailed interviews and interactive workshops with different process owners and new joiners across the organisation. We collated detailed, qualitative accounts of employees’ experiences and developed a series of practical recommendations across four key themes (candidate attraction, team integration, resource sustainability and data utilisation) which were prioritised into short-term ‘quick wins’ and longer-term investments.

Our impact

CTEM now has a clear, tangible list of recommendations that can be actioned to enhance and improve their recruitment processes and overall management of the employee life cycle. Many of the short-term recommendations are now being implemented and the longer-term investments have shaped the design of an organisational staff development and engagement programme.  

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