Medical Research Specialist

Norman Freshney

About Norman

Norman brings over 25 years of experience in medical research and policy development within the charity, government and academic sectors, both in the UK and abroad. He works with a range of medical research organisations, and particularly funders, to strengthen their approach to developing research strategies and new funding mechanisms. Employing a highly collaborative approach, Norman enables clients to pinpoint key challenges and opportunities, and develop strategic goals and priorities, to achieve greater impact for patients and the public. 

Norman was previously the Director of Research Management for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, one of the UK’s leading charities dedicated to breast cancer research. In this role, he developed and led an innovative strategy that stimulated collaborative working in translational cancer research, allocating £50m over 5 years towards tangible improvements in diagnosis and treatment. Norman’s experience is underpinned by academic research at prestigious research institutions in Cambridge, London and Boston.

Norman holds a DPhil in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge and a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry from the University of Glasgow.

Recent projects

  • Led the review and development of the research strategy for a national research funding call with a leading children’s hospital charity
  • Conducted multiple reviews, evaluations and scoping exercises for a large medical research charity, including their grant scheme targeting early-career researchers, an international fellowship scheme and a new industry accessibility scheme