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Government and public sector 

We assist governments and public sector bodies to foster cross-sector collaboration, develop new ways of working to improve outcomes and be more efficient.

Government & Public sector

How we help 

Understanding the root causes of social issues

We analyse large datasets and engage with experts to help local and central governments to better understand the root causes of social issues and inform the design of their policy, services and commissioning.


  • Analysed the journeys of 2,500 children in care of a UK local authority to understand the different pattern of needs and pathways, assess outcomes drivers and identify quality and cost improvement opportunities.
  • Worked with a government department in the Middle East to better understand the drivers of workers migration to their country to develop a new scheme combining residential and working permits.

Developing new innovative ways of working

We develop practices and mechanisms to enhance social innovation, including service and business models, data analytics solutions, social impact bonds, and tools for assessing performance and outcomes.


  • Supported a local authority to develop a social impact bond model to better help people with complex substance abuse problems and related issues (e.g. drug, alcohol and often rough sleeping, gangs, domestic violence).
  • Enabled the development of a new adoption support service across multiple local authorities by reviewing existing models and working with adoption experts to design an improved model that deliver better outcomes for children while being more financially sustainable.

Facilitating cross-sector collaboration

We bring together a forum of public, private and nonprofit stakeholders to help address key social and environmental issues and design innovative solutions.


  • Designed and facilitated a series workshops with commissioners to identify key barriers to further integration of health and social care services.
  • Designed and delivered a 3 Day Conference for an international education and development organisation.
  • Worked with the Chief Executives and leadership teams of a local authority and service provider to conduct a strategic review of performance improvement opportunities across their joint care services and expenditure.

Improving efficiency and outcomes

We help our clients benchmark their performance, identify opportunities to improve efficiency and outcomes, and deliver change initiatives required to realise desired improvements.


  • Led the performance review for a national fostering and adoption agency to identify areas to increase financial sustainability and develop performance benchmarks for different regional service providers.
  • Facilitated multiple workshops and working sessions for the senior management of a London Borough to help them manage the transition to a new structure whilst reducing their budget by over 30%.

Government & Public sector

Select case studies

Service Design & Business Modelling

In a push for a consolidation, the UK government was encouraging local authorities to form regional adoption agencies – where services are delivered on a greater scale, and with more innovative approaches to practice. Read more...

Feasibility Assessment For ‘Live-Work’ Offering in Dubai

In order to understand if there was sufficient market demand for implementation, we identified target segments, assessed their demand and the attributes needed to best address this market demand. Read more…

Local network model for versus arthritis

Versus Arthritis needed a flexible audience-centred support network and mechanism for local engagement and service-delivery. Read more…

Who else we work with

Diverse organisations unified in their desire to create value and deliver change

ngos & nonprofit Organisations

We help NGOs and nonprofit organisations to assess their activities, develop strategies and build the capabilities to deliver their intended impact.


Foundations & philanthropists

We work with foundations and philanthropists to analyse complex social and environmental issues and develop practical solutions. 


Purpose Driven Companies

We enable local, national and global companies to assess, define and deliver their environmental and social agenda.