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Foundations and philanthropists

We work with foundations and philanthropists to analyse complex social and environmental issues and develop practical solutions.


How we help 

Analysing issues to build change-making solutions

We work with multi-disciplinary experts to analyse complex social and environmental issues, understand root causes, assess current responses and develop collective and individual solutions.


  • Mapped the food and environment ecosystem in the UK (including issues, key actors and solutions) to help one of the UK’s largest foundations to develop their impact strategy.
  • Analysed the issues faced by tenants of housing associations (e.g. employment, isolation, mental health) to identify potential areas of focus for a major trust.

Defining impact strategies and delivery models

We help foundations and philanthropists develop impact strategies and create the right model to achieve their mission, which can include grant making, investment, advocacy, operational support, and networking.


  • Assisted an international foundation to develop their theory of change and realign their strategy, operating model and impact management capabilities to improve team collaboration and strategic focus.
  • Helped a philanthropist to develop the new strategy for his private foundation through an analysis of the issues affecting the voluntary sector in his local area and an assessment of the best intervention models
  • Led an 18-month programme in the redesign and  transformation of a global malaria partnership for a global philanthropic foundation, including the recruitment of a new board.

Supporting grantees and investees

We directly support grantees and investees by building internal capabilities, improving access to networks and funding opportunities, and providing tools to consistently report on their performance.


  • Supported a social enterprise to develop their value proposition and develop partnerships with corporates.
  • Worked with a UK Foundation’s grantee to develop a sector-wide Theory of Change for the affordable credit sector and drive their strategic planning.
Investing for impact

We support trusts and foundations in defining their impact investing strategy, launching funds and developing the capabilities required to manage the impact investment lifecycle.


  • Evaluated a range of impact investing models for the foundation of a leading housing association to complement their grant-making activities
  • Worked with an international trust to help them identify which social and infrastructure investments could increase the sustainability of their grantees.

Evaluating and communicating impact

We design and implement tools for assessing impact and help foundations and philanthropists to communicate their impact story and engage with internal and external stakeholders.


  • Design and implemented an  impact framework for a programme supporting innovation in cities funded by  a major US foundation.
  • Evaluated two grant funding schemes set up by a leading social tech funder, reviewing over 50 organisations through quantitative and qualitative analysis. The evaluation was published, presented to key stakeholders and provided insight into changes to be made to improve the impact of future funding.
  • Assessed over 10 grant, fellowship and leadership programmes for a leading biomedical and health research funder

Foundations & Philanthropists

Select case studies

Food & environment strategy

The foundation looked to refine the focus of their strategy and prioritise attention towards areas where they could have the greatest impact. Read more...

Programme evaluation

The trust was looking to understand the impact of its programmes on funding recipients and subsequent journeys of organisational performance and impact. Read more...

Local network model for versus arthritis

Versus Arthritis needed a flexible audience-centred support network and mechanism for local engagement and service-delivery. Read more…

Who else we work with

Diverse organisations unified in their desire to create value and deliver change

ngos & nonprofit Organisations

We help NGOs and nonprofit organisations to assess their activities, develop strategies and build the capabilities to deliver their intended impact.


government & public sector

We assist governments and public sector bodies to adapt ways of working to maximise efficiency, sustainability and social outcomes


Purpose Driven Companies

We enable local, national and global companies to assess, define and deliver their environmental and social agenda.