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Measuring your impact and performance

Understand your impact

Whether private, public or nonprofit, all organisations have positive and negative effects on people and the planet. This results from what they do (e.g. their products and services) and how they operate.

We work with our clients to help them better understand their impact to address the negative effects and maximise their positive contribution to our society and the planet. We offer a wide range of support from designing tailored performance and impact assessments tools, performing programme evaluations and helping clients publish an impact or sustainability report.

Our team brings extensive experience in social impact and sustainability reporting, including social return of investment (SROI), health economics (including QALY), impact evaluations and sustainability reporting standards (SECR, ESOS, SASB, SFDR, etc.) We also support our clients in ensuring that they have the insight they need to make ongoing informed decisions about their operations. This support includes designing and implementing reporting tools such as balanced scorecards and OKRs.


  • Reporting carbon emissions against SECR and ESOS by introducing methodologies and tools to collect, analyse and report emissions for scope 1, 2 and 3
  • Communicating sustainability ambition, targets and strategy though a compelling sustainability strategy
  • Sharing progress, achievements and key information by publishing a sustainability report
  • Developing an annual impact report to communicate to stakeholders the achievement of the organisation
  • Implementing an impact balanced scorecard in a research institute by defining key performance targets and building the tools to collect and analyse the relevant information
  • Introducing OKRs as part of an organisational performance management framework to increase agility and speed of execution



  • SECR / ESOS reports
  • SASB Report
  • Sustainability reports
Aleron - Social Impact

Social Impact

  • Impact management / ESG framework design and implementation
  • Performance management tools and dashboards e.g. OKRs, balanced scorecards
  • Programme, pilot and service evaluation
  • Health economics / SROI analysis
  • Impact reports
  • CSR/ESG reports

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Tech Programme Evaluation

Social Tech Trust (formerly Nominet Trust) is the UK’s leading dedicated investor of socially motivated technology. Since 2008, they have supported almost 800 initiatives in the UK, providing more than £31m of funding to transform lives with tech...
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