Senior Consultant

Clarice Ryan

Tel: 0208 103 4378



Clarice brings five years of research and complex data analysis experience in the field of neuropsychology and is currently in the process of publishing a number of scientific articles for public health interest. She is skilled in the analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data, leading projects to collect and interpret primary data from human participants.

Clarice is passionate about the ethical application of science for creating practical solutions that have a positive impact for large numbers of people. She works effectively in multi-disciplinary teams and is currently involved in projects related to educational outreach, cognitive health maintenance and improving social inclusion for the hearing impaired. She is a strong advocate for equity and inclusion and values a diverse range of approaches to problem-solving.

As an experienced public speaker and educator, Clarice has been engaged in seminars to promote scientific interest. She has presented on topics ranging from insights for aspiring postgraduate researchers, detailed data analysis on diet and disease outcomes, translation of complex technical information into concise and engaging material for the general public, and general interest subjects on nutritional health.         

Clarice has a PhD in Neuropsychology from the University of Bradford

Recent projects

  • Numerous strategic research projects