Christine Corlet Walker

About Christine

With a background in conservation and sustainability, Christine has worked as a research assistant for the University of Cambridge, developing technical skills in mapping, data management and the use of statistical software. Applying these skills to work in the public and voluntary sectors, Christine has developed an expertise in deep qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques; supporting third sector organisations and commissioners to strengthen their evidence-base and embed data into their decision-making processes.

Christine has a particular interest in the role of data in improving impact, and contributes regularly to this emerging discussion within the third sector though articles and blog pieces.

Detailed Experience

  • Designing and embedding an evaluation framework for a UK charity. As Monitoring & Evaluation lead for a UK charity, Christine worked with senior management to develop an evaluation strategy, producing guidelines and integrating her work with wider organisational strategy. Her work was used to guide decision-making at board-level, driving a redesign of the volunteer experience at the charity.
  • Developing and socialising a data collection framework for a national Homeshare pilot scheme. Two large UK-based foundations commissioned a series of Homeshare pilots across the UK, for which Aleron has been working as the independent quantitative evaluators. In her capacity as lead analyst, Christine used a co-production methodology to develop a data collection framework that combined external best practice with information from pilot sites about feasibility and working practices. With top-down approval from the Homeshare delivery group, and bottom-up approval from programme providers, the data collection tool will be used to support programmatic decision-making at site level.
  • Designing and facilitating a series of stakeholder engagement workshops for the UK’s largest carbon reduction organisation. Christine designed a series of stakeholder-centred workshops to gather feedback about a government-commissioned energy efficiency scheme for technology. She successfully facilitated and captured feedback from a diverse range of stakeholders, including end-users, installation partners, consultants, manufacturers and tax advisors.
  • Engaged global stakeholders in a financial model review for a specialised UN agency health initiative. As an analyst, Christine was commissioned to investigate the budgetary underspend of a specialised UN agency health initiative. She conducted a set of interviews with programme leads in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Switzerland, among others. She identified key components of the financial model that were contributing to the underspend and submitted a series of prioritised recommendations.

Key Skills and Expertise

  • Impact evaluation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Data analytics and financial modelling
  • Quantitative and qualitative research

Christine graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA(Hons) in Natural Sciences.

Recent projects