Covid had a tremendous impact on organisational and workplace culture. Initially, as with most areas, we went into crisis response. Then, we shifted to temporary solutions to sustain cohesion until we all went back to the office. But we know now that work patterns and preferences have been altered for good, creating a whole new mix of ways of working.

We hear every day as we talk to our clients that it’s not the way it used to be. Dave, who prided himself on knowing everyone in the office, realised that during a fire drill last week, he recognised less than half of his colleagues milling around in the park outside the building. We’ve lost the opportunity for informal conversations around the tea station, and have been limited to time-capped zoom meetings. Perhaps, you’ll get a few minutes to talk about the weather at the start of a call, but weather chat does not create a culture.

The only way to understand and nurture new dynamics into a positive workplace culture is to be proactive. We can no longer rely on organic cultural development. Talk to your people, take action to facilitate the culture you want and need for success, and make deliberate informed decisions.

We know that our clients are innovating and have made successful interventions. We know too that they want to learn more from others, their success and their challenges. Join our new forum to share and learn about what it means to shape and support organisational culture in this new age.

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