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Purpose driven companies 

We support purpose-driven organisations and social enterprises to maximise their performance, sustainability and impact.

Purpose driven companies

How we help 

Shaping organisations to deliver their mission

We help organisations to articulate their values and the impact they seek to achieve, define their strategic roadmap and create the right delivery model to achieve their mission.


  • Supported a government-founded enterprise to develop a sector-wide theory of change for the affordable credit sector and drive their strategic planning
  • Developed a new content strategy for a leading provider of support to social entrepreneurs, including a new framework for segmenting its content in terms of its audience and strategic purpose

Developing innovative and impactful ways of working

We develop practices and tools to enhance social innovation and impact, including data insight capabilities, product and service design, financial models and tools for assessing impact.


  • Supported an award-winning social enterprise working with autistic adults to design their organisational Theory of Change and impact measurement framework, and develop their first impact report
  • Designed a data analytics solution to improve the effectiveness of a partner notification tool and related sexual health services. The tool has increased understanding of the prevalence of sexual diseases across different London boroughs and informed future preventative activities.

Improving performance

We help our clients benchmark their performance, identify opportunities to improve impact and efficiency and deliver change initiatives to improve their operational and financial effectiveness.


  • Worked with an education-focused social enterprise in developing a five-year business plan to drive greater income and improve long-term financial viability
  • Helped a care and education provider to identify and realise efficiencies by deploying machine-learning enabled solutions in core functions e.g. recruitment, staff allocation, retention and performance monitoring.

Building growth and funding strategies

We support purpose driven companies to scale their model, communicate about their impact and performance, and identify the funding required to realise their ambitions.


  • Developed the growth strategy for a mental health social work training organisation to grow candidate recruitment, placements in public sector and retention in the programme and improve financial sustainability.
  • Supported a clean-tech start-up to articulate their growth strategy, build a financial model and write an investor pitch deck to raise the funding required to develop a software product.
  • Helped a food and gym startup to develop their growth strategy and financial model; and raise capital for their geographical expansion.

Purpose driven companies

Select case studies

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Keen to improve their approach to impact management and develop a consistent process for defining, measuring and reporting on impact. Read more...

Content strategy development

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Local network model for versus arthritis

Versus Arthritis needed a flexible audience-centred support network and mechanism for local engagement and service-delivery. Read more…

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