social Impact Consulting

Creating positive and sustainable change

Who we work with

We are passionate about tackling the challenges facing society today and we know that no single individual, organisation or even sector can do it alone. We adopt a cross-sector approach to our clients and partners, working with diverse organisations that are unified in their desire to create value and deliver change.

ngos & nonprofits

We help NGOs, nonprofits and charities to develop strategies and build their capabilities to deliver the greatest impact. Read more...

Foundations & philanthropists

We work with foundations and philanthropists to analyse complex social and environmental issues and develop practical solutions. Read more...

government & public sector

We assist governments and public sector bodies to foster cross-sector collaboration, develop new ways of working to improve outcomes and be more efficient. Read more...

Purpose Driven Companies

We partner with local, national and global companies to advance and deliver their corporate social agenda across their operations. Read more...

Who we are

Aleron is a social impact consultancy. Using robust evidence and creative collaboration, we tailor our support to best suit the needs and purpose of the organisation. Together with our clients, we accelerate innovation and build the capabilities of people, processes and technologies, to target and enable positive impact and lasting change.

Aleron was founded in 2010 to bring a new approach to creating positive and sustainable change around the world. Since then, we have successfully delivered over 500 projects with more than 100 organisations, ranging from start-up impact ventures, corporates through to leading medical research nonprofits and multi-million pound foundations.

Our team brings a unique blend of expertise, from strategy and finance to advocacy and operations, with a commitment to analytical rigour and generating actionable insight.

Areas of expertise

Aleron brings broad experience to each project gained from working with many types of organisations – voluntary, public and private – across a range of integrated social and environmental areas.

We have a unique grasp of the obstacles standing in the way of progress and the levers needed to overcome them. We foster collaboration and work with organisations to navigate through this wide network, in order to understand where and how they can create the most value.

Support & Care

The care and support environment for adults and children is complex...Read more

Community & inclusion

In societies where inequality, marginalisation and isolation...Read more

Health & Wellbeing

As healthcare moves increasingly towards outcome-driven...Read more


The increasingly acute environmental challenges facing our planet...Read more

Social Innovation

How can we foster innovation across sectors and help to...Read more

Education & training

Effective education, training and mentorship are key to...Read more